Why You Need a Hospitality Recruiter

There are hundreds of articles online telling you why you need to work with a recruiter, but most of them are written second hand, by hired writers. None of the information is valuable to a restaurant management candidate, or a restaurant worker who is trying to work themselves up the hospitality career ladder.

What Local Papers and LinkdIn

There is always the temptation to ‘go it alone’ and find restaurant manager jobs . While this can work, there are some reasons why these companies do not work with hospitality recruiter.

Job Security

Hospitality Recruitment firms like to place management candidates into  restaurant manager jobs  for a minimum of one year, with a preference for clients that keep employees for longer periods. If a restaurant or hotel has a reputation for dumping employees, then they may have trouble working with one of the more reputable Hospitality recruitment firms.

Family Tension and Drama

Smaller hotels and family owned restaurants are often rife with tension. Sibling Rivalry and parents dominating younger members increases the stress levels in the restaurant. An outside manager may seem like they found a perfect opportunity to help, share progressive theories, and work with people who care.

Reality is different. At the best, you are constantly trying to deal with family squabbles. At the worst, the family is looking for a scape goat for things that are going wrong.

No matter what pretenses you were led to believe through the hiring process, you will always be an outsider.

Labor Laws and Employee Rights

Hospitality Recruitment firms are concerned with companies that take advantage of management candidates. There are many restaurants which have unrealistic expectations when it comes to responsibilities or hours worked. Managers work on Salary, and often find extra responsibilities dumped on them.

The smaller the establishment, the more volatile the hours and responsibility burden can be. A smaller establishment may feel they have more freedom to break the law. They may even look for candidates who they feel are easier to bully.

Qualified Candidates

This candidate may feel honored to have their first restaurant manager job, and they may tolerate more violations or abuse at the hands of their employers. But there is rarely any advancement from this position.

If you contact a hospitality recruitment professional and they feel you are not ready for your first management job then ask for some tips. Take advantage of online courses and mentorships. Built your skills and then apply again.

Opportunity for Advancement

It is very difficult to make the leap from restaurant manager job in a small restaurant to managing a larger restaurant or working for a franchise.  Not all jobs prepare you for the next level of management. Even some franchises do not prepare their employees to ‘move up the ladder.’

Again, a Hospitality recruitment firm wants candidates to feel satisfied with the hiring experience. These management candidates will return to the firm with better skills and more experience. It will be easier to find them the next job.

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